Welcome to the MWR Teen Area Workday

November 13-14, 2020

Richard Chandler, Regional Teen President

Tanya Watson, Regional Director

MWR Area Workday Cluster Teens!

Congratulations!  On behalf of the Regional Teen Leadership Team and Regional Director Tanya Watson, we are pleased to welcome you to The University of Jack and Jill at the Area Workday Cluster.  As a Regional Teen Leadership Board, we encourage all of you to be strong and stay engaged with your communities.   

This year, we have put together a collection of workshops that will provide you with the kind of information all teen leaders should know about our country, culture, communities, future academic endeavors and homes as we strive to reach our goals. 

In the past, teens have left Area Workday feeling prepared to succeed and equally important, more connected to each other.  This year promises to deliver the same enjoyable and interactive experience. 

Finally, I would like to extend a special shout out to all of the teens in our newest future chapters Forest City and Magnificent Mile.  Welcome to the JJ family! Your journey starts now! 

Yours in service,

Richard Chandler, Regional Teen President & Tanya Watson, Regional Director