We will rise as we step back in time during a period where we thrived as a community, to have it destroyed,  built it back with tenacity only to have a set back again due to urban renewal. Our Jacks and Jills are not only going to learn about the massacre but will hear the truth, not watered down and not just focused on the massacre but about ALL of Greenwood and the greatness of our African American ancestors. 

Saturday will begin early as you will be put into groups to depart and tour The Greenwood District.  Please keep in mind that some topics and exhibits may not be suitable for all ages.  For this reason, prior to departure, you will receive suggested itineraries and agendas for your children per grade group.  Groups will stay together for the duration of our Black Wall Street Experience. We want you to be prepared that your 5-year-old could be on a different path than your high school student. This is necessary to give the age-appropriate experience for each one of our participants.  It is suggested that moms with multiple kids that could be on differing touring tracks think about who will be with your child as all children will need to be accompanied by an adult on our Saturday excursion.  This is not only for safety but also for conversation. Besides spouses and fathers, we suggest that mother members partner up prior to registration to make sure all children can be accounted for and have the experience that would be best suited for them.