DJ "Mr. E"

Eric Whitehead also known internationally as DJ “Mr. E” grew up listening to Soul and R&B music being played on the only AM radio station in the area and on his family’s 8 Track player.

In the earl 1980’s while serving in the US Army in Karshure, Germany he started collecting albums and spinning wax at local NCO Clubs. In 1984, DJ “Mr. E” moved to Washington, DC and started spinning music wherever he could find gigs, house parties, BBQs, cabarets, weddings, music festivals and more.

From 1988 through 2007, DJ “Mr. E” was the featured prime time DJ at two ow Washington DC’s liveliest nightclubs.  He is also an established MC and Show Host, hosting several International Beauty Pageants. He has been featured performing in Jamaica, Bahamas, and numerous cities around the country.

DJ “Mr. E” creates and spins a wide range of mixes in which he offers a broad variety of music to suit the tastes of diverse listening audiences.