Regional History

The Greek definition of history is "inquiry; knowledge acquired by investigation."  An umbrella term, it captures past events as well as the memory, discovery, collection, organization, presentation, and interpretation of information about the events around us.  There is so much to discover about our beloved Jack and Jill history.  The power to make a difference begins with each of us.  

Throughout this year we have taken extra steps to make our rich Midwestern Regional history accessible, accurate and inclusive, engaging chapters and mother members to help continually tell our incredible Jack and Jill of America, Inc. story.  With the insights and support of mother members throughout the region, we have worked to share best practices, increased opportunities to build consistent narratives, illuminated history makers and engaged chapters to highlight their mother members, associates, fathers and youth.  Our children are important guardians of history, and the best brand ambassadors for our organization. 
We hope you will enjoy experiencing history through the eyes of our children.  Through our community of practice calls, the regional Master Class and the National Historical Taskforce, we have standardized approaches to integrate history into our meeting, programmatic and organizational culture.  We aspire to help our next generation know, celebrate and embrace history, in addition to encouraging each young person to see themselves as history makers. As our Jack and Jill youth have learned more about the amazing history makers and leaders throughout our region, they have also demonstrated a love of national history, celebrated our culture and expressed what matters most to them about the Jack and Jill experience.   We invite you to celebrate our history each and every day, and encourage you to look at history through the eyes of our children. 

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