The departing and returning flights for you and your family can be found on your Family Portal. 

  • Flight Check-In is 24 hours prior to departure. You are responsible for checking in your family
  • Early Check-In fees are at your own expense 

The Family Portal is a mobile based app that will allow you to access your personalized itinerary, flight information, and park reservation numbers. Instructions on how to access this will be provided. 

Each family is responsible for getting themselves to and from the DCA and BWI airports.

  • There will be no opportunity to park vehicles at the Greenbelt Campus

Everyone should arrive at their designated airport at least 2.5 hours in advance of the flight departure time.

We will not meet as a group. Families are responsible for arriving and checking in at the airport on time, but there will be a greeter present to assist families, if needed.

Zion Church has booked Southwest Airlines for flights so 2 bags per passenger is already covered. Any additional bags that need to be checked in will be at your own expense. 

  • Zion will cover 1 bag per family if different flight arrangements need to be made on a different airline 

If there is an emergency, please contact the Core Team by texting "URGENT" to 301-939-0093

For missed flights: Please check with the airline counter for the next available flight. You are responsible for any change or overage fees. You may contact our travel agent, Diamond Grady, at 301-875-8863 for assistance with ground transportation. 

Ground transportation will be provided to and from the airport. Sign up for text message alerts to get the details for your group. 

Please contact Diamond Grady at

Yes, there will be an opportunity to add these details to your reservation upon receipt of your flight confirmation. You will have to call Group Reservations # 1-800-433-5368 to add your own Traveler's and/or TSA numbers. Just provide the group confirmation number and your first/last name.


Online Check-In/Direct-to-Room service, which allows Guests to get to the fun faster with real-time room-ready updates. Guests can sign up for room ready notifications and use the My Disney Experience app as a digital room key to enter their Disney Resort hotel room. During online check-in, guests can also add their credit cards to be able to charge back to their rooms. There will also be an opportunity to check-in at the desk upon arrival. 

The Disney mobile tool that makes it easy to manage and share vacation details - such as linking your hotel and dining reservations, theme park tickets, and making Disney Park Pass Reservations, as well as other options. Click here for downloading instructions

Please contact OSP if this is needed for your family. An invoice will be billed to reimburse Zion Church for this expense. 

Zion Church will cover 2 meals during our stay: Monday night Welcome Dinner on March 25th and Continental Breakfast on March 29th. We will be providing gift cards to every family based on family size to supplement additional dining during your stay. 

  • There are plenty of dining options on-site at Contemporary Resort 
  • Refreshments will be served during training times 

Gift cards provided by Zion Church are for dining purposes for the duration of our stay at Walt Disney World. If the balance is used for purchases outside of dining, Zion Church will not reload the card to supplement any additional dining. 

All FT Staff members are required to attend the Disney Institute Training between 8am-12pm on Tuesday, March 26th and Wednesday, March 27th. Location: SAB 1 at Contemporary Resort 

Families are welcome to explore any parts of the Walt Disney World properties while Staff members are in training. If you or your family choose to go off-site, it is at your own expense. There will also be a "Zion Lounge" open 8am-11pm each day with games and activities for children, teens, and adults (location: Sorcerer's Apprentice Ballroom 2 & 3). You do not need permission to enter this area, but children under 16-years-old must be accompanied by an adult. 

Yes, childcare is available for all Zion Church children under 17 years of age through Kids Nite OutYou must register your child in order to attend. Link will be provided. 

Yes, spouses are welcome to accompany their children to Kids Nite Out to enjoy the experience as well. 

Parent's Nite Out will be hosted by the same company providing childcare during the training, Kids Nite Out. It will take place on Wednesday, March 27th, from 5:00PM to midnight. You must be registered to attend. 

  • Dinner will be served between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM. If you would like for your child to eat, please be sure to bring them at 5:00PM
  • Children do not have to stay until midnight, but Kids Nite Out will provide areas for children to sleep until you arrive, if needed 

An itinerary will be provided to all families prior to our departure to Walt Disney World via the Family Portal. 

If there is an emergency, please contact the Core Team by texting "EMERGENCY" to 301-939-0093. 


All Zion Church Staff members and their families who confirm interest in attending the Parks will receive 2-Day or 3-Day Park Hopper passes at check-in. Digital copies and Ticket Numbers will be provided prior to arrival as these are needed to make certain reservations within the "Disney bubble". Zion Church will pre-order all Park Tickets. 

  • Reservations are currently required to enter the Parks. Zion Church's designated days will be Tuesday, March 27th- Thursday, March 29th. All guests are required to enter the same park to check their ticket each day and are welcome to "park hop" after 2:00pm each day. 
    • Tuesday: Magic Kingdom
    • Wednesday: Hollywood Studios
    • Thursday: Animal Kingdom
  • If you requested 2-Day Park Hopper passes, you are responsible for making your Park reservations on the days you choose (be sure to do so well in advance) 

You are still welcome to visit a park on rainy days. We recommend that you pack ponchos, umbrellas, and rain boots. There will be an on-site Z-Lounge with games and activities at the resort for employees and their families to enjoy, which will be open each day of our stay from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM. You are also encouraged to explore the amenities & activities that the resort has to offer. 

Genie Plus is a feature for additional Disney add-ons and perks available through the My Disney Experience App. Zion Church will not cover any expenses under Genie Plus. You must enter a credit card for any purchases and/or accommodations. 

Yes, once you have checked-in at the designated entry Park for the day, you are able to visit any additional Parks after 2:00pm or reenter your entry Park at any time during open hours. 

Disney offers multiple forms of transportation at no cost throughout the resort, which runs every 10-15 minutes. Any off-site transportation is at your own expense. 

No, you are not required to stick with the group, however, everyone with 3-day passes are required to enter the same park initially each day, unless you have made changes to your reservations. 

Yes, you are able to visit any on-site and off-site attractions. Please note, you are entirely responsible for anything done and/or purchased off-site. 

Reservations can be made via the My Disney Experience App. 

It is not a requirement to attend the Theme Parks. A form was sent with the option to opt-out. If you did not select this option and tickets were purchased for you and/ or your family, it is required that you use them during our stay. As part of our Disney Institute training requirements, if you have never experienced a Disney Park before, you must sign up for a park ticket to get the experience. 

Disney dining and experiences can be reserved through the My Disney Experience App. Please check with Disney Springs restaurants and Dining at the Cinderella Castle to confirm if they will accept your Disney gift card.