If two or more roommates are Graduating Seniors, both should register on 1/31 and do not need to share confirmation numbers with each other. Each only has to list the other as their roommate. As long as both registrations match, there will not be an issue.

The teen and mother register and each pays for a double ($1,200 each). In the roommate section, each lists the other AND should mention that a father will be staying in the room.  The POP does not need to pay for a registration.

If you are registering as a Mother Member, you will register on 2/16 in a Single (subject to availability). Your spouse who is a POP can be in the room with you.  If you are a chaperone, you will register on 2/5 in a Single and list your spouse in the room with you.

If you are a Chaperone, then you can be the Room Captain and list your teen as your roommate. You register in a Double on 2/5. Your teen will register in a Double on 2/15.  If you are a Mother Member (non-chaperone), your teen is the Room Captain and will register for a Double on 2/5 and list you (Mother) as the roommate. You will register in a Double on 2/15.

The Graduating Senior will register for a Triple on 1/31-2/4 and list the mother, teen, and father as roommates and make sure that each category is noted behind the name.  The Mother/Chaperone and Teen will register on 2/12 in a triple.  The mother, senior and teen will have full access to Teen Conference for all events. A gala ticket should be purchased for the father.

If the mother does not want to attend all of the teen conference activities. then register in a Double for the Senior on 1/31 and the teen on 2/12. List that a mother and father will be in the room and purchase 2 gala tickets for the mother and father.

One teen is the Room Captain and registers for a Double on 2/5 and lists the family in the room as roommates and notes their category. The Chaperone will register for a Single on 2/5. The second teen will register on 2/12. If one of the teens is a Senior, make sure to purchase gala tickets for the non-registered family members.

If a roommate is no longer able to attend, the room will convert to a double and your teen and the other registered teen will be charged the $380 difference each from a triple to a double.

Here are the options as a teen cannot room alone:

1.  Your teen will need to be moved into an existing room to make a double into a triple or a triple into a quad. All roommates will receive a refund for the difference in the room type.

2. You may need to register as a Mother and pay the cost of a double.

Even if you are planning to be in Hampton and at the hotel, teens must have a minimum of two (2) registered in a room.

Register on 2/16. Only teens and chaperones should register on 2/5-2/11.


You need to purchase 4 tickets. You as a registered chaperone and your senior have your tickets as part of your registration.  When you register your senior, you will have the opportunity to purchase 2 additional gala tickets. Purchase and then send an email to to request 2 more tickets. If there is availability, you will be contacted to purchase the additional tickets.

Only those registering as a Graduating Senior will have the option to purchase two gala tickets from 1/31-2/4. All others will need to send an email to to be placed on the waiting list for additional gala tickets. If you are registered, your ticket is included in your registration.