Welcome Message from Regional Director Tanya Watson


Mothers of the Mighty Mid-Western Region, 

It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome you to the 2022 Area Workday Clusters!  I am forever grateful that you have taken time to join us in Cincinnati, Ohio or Indianapolis, Indiana.  Whether this is your first time attending or your fifth there is something for everyone.  When we gather our collective energy is felt in a powerful way.  Our clusters promise to be educational, uplifting and full of laughter. 

This year's theme is  "Fortifying our Roots: Back to Basics." A strong foundation ensures we are firmly grounded and is the basis from which all things come. You, the members of this outstanding organization,  are the foundation of this region.  It is through your commitment to our children and all children that fuels our chapters to deliver with inclusion, innovation and excellence. That is what makes us Mighty!

During the cluster cycle we are addressing the whole Jack and Jill Mother and Teen with an experience designed especially for you. You will

immerse yourself in sessions tailored to fortify the foundational elements of your member and chapter experience while engaging in sessions to enhance your personal and life skills. Mothers, it's time we get back to basics!

You won’t want to miss the many opportunities to network and connect with regional and national leaders and especially with other mothers.  This along with the educational and enriching workshops you will make connections, build a sense of community among each other and set the stage for long-term relationships.

Thank you for your presence and willingness to participate in the Area Workday Cluster.  I also thank you for your confidence in us as we launch this program year.  Our region is blessed to have you.

 Yours in service to ALL children,

Tanya Watson
Regional Director
Mid-Western Region
Jack and Jill of America, Inc. 

Welcome Message from Regional Teen President Carter Minor

Greeting Teens of the Mighty Mid-Western Region,

Welcome to Area Workday Cluster 2022!  The Regional Teen Officers and I are excited for all we have planned for you to experience and enjoy this weekend.  It is important that we take this time to connect and celebrate each other, because when we unite on one accord, we become an immoveable force. We all are the future leaders of the world, and change beings with us, so utilize this weekend to the best of your ability. After the difficulties of COVID-19, we are finally back and in person for Area Workday.  We encourage you to stand up and present your authentic selves. We want to get to know you, and the Regional Teen Officers are here to listen.  You only get as much out of Jack and Jill as you put into it, so I challenge you to participate fully in all of our workshops, straight talk topics, and teen parties this weekend. So let's celebrate our connection and accomplishments:  past, present, and future.

We are long overdue...for a reunion.

Yours in service,

Carter Minor
Regional Teen President