The Eastern Region Metropolitan and Northern Cluster Workday Virtual Photo Booth


We are inviting participants to capture their fun and lasting memories during the cluster workday Friday evening and Saturday with our Eastern Region Area Workday virtual photo booth. 

  1. To open the virtual photo booth click the link below using your phone, tablet or laptop. 


  1. Select to take a picture, gif or boomerang.
  2. Click START, and pose!
  3. Click “APPROVE” to accept your picture.  Wait for the upload to complete.
  4. You will then be prompted if you want your picture emailed or texted.
  5. Your picture comes to you via email or text, instantly.

The Photo Booth will be available starting 5pm on November 20th 2020 until 9pm EST on November 21, 2020.

Have fun, get creative, take as many pictures as your like and please share to social media at #jjeasternregion!

The virtual photo booth is powered by Lucky Photo Booth Company.  If there are any technical issues, please contact 862 227 5328.