Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated
Eastern Region
2021 Southern Cluster Virtual Workday
December 3-5, 2021
Melinda Alexis-Hayes
Eastern Regional Director

           Melissa Desravines           Eastern Regional Treasurer

                 Ily Houston                    Eastern Regional Secretary

Alexis Steals

           Shirell A. Gross             National Program Director


Dear Mothers, Teens, Middle Schoolers and Associates,


It is an honor to welcome you to register for the 2021 Southern Cluster Eastern Region Area Workday.

I must thank our wonderfully dedicated host chapter, Arundel Bay Area, for planning and executing an empowering experience.  There is something for all in attendance, whether you are a new member, seasoned member, experienced member who wants to learn more on how to support our premier organization, or a middle schooler or teen looking for tools on how to dream yourself into spaces you never thought you would be.

During our weekend we will ensure we are EMPOWERING FAMILIES FOR SUCCESS through our workshops, committee reports and through service during our Homecoming: Together Together At Last event on Sunday.   Please use our Area Workday to interface with the regional team and one another to share your thoughts on how after 400 years of being brought to these shores our community must recognize “our crown has already been bought and paid for- all we have to do is wear it.” James Baldwin 

Please take the time to share with me your vision for the future of our region.   No voice is too small in our regional family.

I am honored to spend this time with you.


RD Melinda 

Melinda Alexis-Hayes
22nd Eastern Regional Director
Jack and Jill of America, Inc.