The HOSTESS COMMITTEE welcomes and assists with the seating of Links and guests at each meal function and special events.  They will assist with distribution and placement of materials, favors and gifts.  Special attention will be given to the needs of physically challenged Links and guests.  This committee works closely with the Southern Area Protocol Chair. 


The COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE coordinates all of the communications needs throughout the conference.  Members will assist the Southern Area eCommunications Committee with escorting media as well as securing and coordinating media coverage of our conference activities.


DOORKEEPERS help to enforce rules of the Conference during plenary sessions.  They will control the flow of traffic, direct the seating of the delegates/alternates and general audience, and monitor entrance/exit procedures to limit disruptions. This committee works closely with the Area Secretary.


FLOOR COURIERS facilitate communication between the officers, delegates and other Links in attendance at Sessions/Plenaries.  The committee assists officers and delegates in plenary sessions, ensuring that business is conducted smoothly. This committee works closely with the Area Secretary.


The ELECTION COMMITTEE monitors the election process and ensures that the election of officers is conducted in accordance with the guidelines of The Links, Incorporated.  This committee works closely with the Area Elections Chair.


The VENDORS COMMITTEE helps to ensure the smooth operation of the vendor area.  The committee works closely with the Conference/Cluster Vendor Chair and the Area Vendor Liaison. 


The EXHIBIT COMMITTEE helps to ensure the smooth operation of the Literary Links and Chapter Exhibit area.  The committee works closely with the Area Exhibits Chair. 


The WORKSHOP RECORDERS COMMITTEE will assist workshop presenters during the sessions, confirm that all attendees sign-in and document highlights of the workshop.


The WORKSHOP CONVENERS COMMITTEE will assist with workshop implementation, ensuring all audio-visual needs are in place.  This assistance includes advancing PowerPoint slides and assisting the presenters as needed.


The WORKSHOP MODERATOR/FACILITATORS COMMITTEE will assist presenters with executing the workshop.  Moderators/Facilitators will introduce the presenter(s), facilitate participant questions and close out the workshop.  The Moderator/Facilitator will assist the Presenter with keeping track of the timing of the workshop.  


All workshop volunteers are required to attend a Workshop Orientation for assignment and additional instruction on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at 1:00pm.


Special Committees will be formed from attendees from all chapters. 

You are invited to volunteer for one of these special committees.