Office of the Southern Area Director
Anne Turner Herriott
PO Box 694070 - Miami, FL 33269
January 23, 2019
Greetings and blessings My Link Sisters,
On behalf of the Southern Area Executive Committee and the Central Florida Cluster Chapters of Altamonte Springs, Bradenton-Sarasota, Brevard, Daytona Beach, Orlando, St. Petersburg and Tampa, I am honored to invite you to the 45th Southern Area Conference in Orlando, Florida. Links from our seven states and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas will convene on May 1-5, 2019 to unite in “Friendship And Service: Our Partnership, Our Promise.”
What a wonderful experience awaits your arrival! With as many as 68 million foreign visitors each year, it's no surprise that     Orlando is a top destination for vacationers. The City Beautiful Orlando, Florida is home to more than a dozen theme parks     including Walt Disney World (Magic Kingdom and Epcot), Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and so much more - and    yet, they await our arrival.

Like Area Conferences before, our team has carefully crafted a conference experience to make members more informed, Chapters more effective and our initiatives even more impactful. We will share and develop strategies to achieve best programming practices in each of our Facets and Signature Programs. We have been mindful of your call to reduce the length of the conference without compromising the quality of the experience as we honor our traditions by opening with the Memorial Service and closing with the White Rose Banquet. During the Conference, local members who share our vision of transformation will be honored at the Civic Luncheon; as Link Sisters we will strengthen our bonds and celebrate our achievements at the Friendship and Program Luncheons; and, the Central Florida Cluster will dazzle us in Palms And Pearls at a special gala and throughout the Conference you will witness the premier of our SASI Sapphire Jewels.

Excitement awaits us! Together, we have made great strides in transforming the lives of women, children and families in our communities. Join us in Orlando, Florida to celebrate “Friendship And Service: Our Partnership, Our Promise.”

Anne Turner Herriott
19th Southern Area Director
Linked in Friendship, Connected in Service
Embracing Our Legacy, Fulfilling Our Promise

The Southern Area of The Links, Incorporated

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